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The Law Office of Wendy Kaplan has successfully litigated discrimination and sexual harassment cases involving major corporations, universities, municipalities and small to medium-size companies. Attorney Kaplan continues to provide the attentive legal support victims need while maintaining a successful record. With her trusted paralegal, William E. Gasperini , she can tackle whatever legal issue you need resolved. We understand the profound effect harassment and discrimination has on people's lives and we want to help bring justice.

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The Law Office of Wendy Kaplan has been providing legal assistance for discrimination and sexual harassment cases for 32 years and counting, working with victims only. Attorney Kaplan discovered her passion for law after watching a film on the Scopes Trial. This inspired her to attend law school and open her first law firm in 1979.

Attorney Kaplan can represent you before the Massachusetts federal and state courts. We've represented clients before the:

Federal District Court

State and Federal Appellate Court

State Superior Court

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

When she's not taking on a case, attorney Kaplan enjoys watching Red Sox games.

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